Thursday, January 6, 2011

Singapore Zoo

Spent an excellent day at Singapore Zoo where the highlight was surely the White Tigers. It made me unbelievably happy to see gigantic animals catching chunks of meat in their mouths from far away as small children looked on and were covered in bloody splashback. I have some stains on my shirt from chicken blood (yeeaaahhh. yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.) becasue I stood too close to the keeper throwing meat at the mammoth cats. Im not going to wash it. Thats how hardcore I am.

Favourite cat was the alpha-male (unpredictable, brianna!) which went by the unsuspecting name of Omar. Omar ate the equivalent of several chickens and about a leg of cow. Thats what I like to see in a man. The unswayable ability to eat almost his own weight in raw poultry and beef. He knows what he wants, and he catches it mid-air when the opportunity presents itself. He attacks life. He jumps. He eats. He is Omar.

If you can tear your eyes away from his impressive muscular strucutre, and look about a meter above his head, you can see a chunk of meat the size of your face flying towards his powerful, open jaws. He caught it. Naturally. Testify.

Omar had two lady-friends, which did not please me, but he does what he wants, and haters gonna hate. Contrary to my previous beliefs, cats do like swimming. Whilst eating. Clearly they are not weak like us humans and don't have to wait the usual compulsary "20 minutes before swimming after a BBQ". There must be a certain intensity of life when you are a tiger. I am jealous of such proud creatures who do not get digestion cramps. 

Cat boat. Coming into pawt.

Hahaha yeah - just wrote that other caption.

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