Tuesday, January 4, 2011


FYI - jellyfish are officially the coolest, most underrated sea creatures to have ever been imagined into existence.
Firstly, they come in all different cool types and sizes, nextly they are deadly, and most importantly - when you put them in a tank with flashing lights behind them you get your very own uner-the-sea rave!!!!!

I owe a great deal of gratitude to Underwater World Singapore for bringing these underestimated, undervalued, absolutely tripping creatures to my attention. Jellyfish. Planning the tatt already...
Also at UWS are the compulsory attractions of all quality hyper-educational aquatic theme parks:

Place where trapped small fish are assaulted by small children. Formerly known as the "touch pool".
Disgusting, I know I know.

Place where sharhs swim over your head. Mmmm yeah.

 A combination of two charming creatures - a spider, and a crab (plus the attribute of giganticness) give you the unsuprising result of a "spider crab". The same name of Stephen King's next novel.

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