Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Portraits in Phnom Penh

We found ourselves some portrait artists at the markets around the corner one night and decided to get a "family album"-meets-"wise old men cosidering things"-meets-"we have matching scarves" portrait.
You know the one.
It was cheaper than it should of been, I think perhaps we got the trainee....

The croud we drew. Drew. Lol.
After we drew such a crowd, we had a brilliant idea... We decided to go back in our matching butterfly outfits. Remember the ones we wore to the arcade when I got frozen yoghurt? Yes, those.

We also brought back the 5 pairs (each) of fake hipster RayBans we bought over our time in Cambodia.

This is the result:

"We were posers before photography was even invented."


  1. Very swish . . .you can never have too much protection !!!! xxx


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