Friday, January 21, 2011

Latest Discovery

If you're fresh to this blog, you may not have noticed my list of links on the right-hand side bar.

The point is, I have a swashbucklingly new addition which I am excited to bring to you. I am writing from Hong Kong, more specifically, Des Voeux Road where I stumbled across an international magazine stand that made me SO excited (read: jizz). I spent all my current currency on the following magazines which I believe have enriched my life to the point of no return:
I am aware that some of you cool cats already know about one of these, but I think perhaps the three of these publications combined will create, within each of us, a force akin to Captain Planet of style, intelligence, class, and (most importantly) wit.

Not each of these will appeal to you, they have incredibly varying vaults of content.
Not all of you (read: me either) will be able to afford all of these. But be pleased that they are not all released monthly. Also be pleased we live in the new media world where links rule.
Not all newsagents stock these. Hence my excitement at finding them all in one place. On the other side of the world.

Every hero faces setbacks, but if you can brave the challenge of opening your mind to something new, being poor for a couple of weeks, and the thrill of the search, I can personally guarantee you will (upon completion of the materials) instantly morph into a butterfly of awesomeness (read: yes, right now you are an ugly, ugly caterpillar of ignorance).

From this moment on, all three of these links appear on the side tab marked "injecting awesomeness into you". I encourage myself everyday to enter the humbling world that is the "cool pages" of the internet. I am baffled by the lengths people go to in order to enhance the level of cool of the general populace. And they do it for free. Shazam, bitchezzz.

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