Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rabbit Island

In all my gushing about Kampot, I forgot to post some pictures from (the amazing) Rabbit Island. I already spoke a bit about it in the Tiny Kampot Pillows post, but here are some pictures so you can form your own thousands of words.

PS: my mum is gonna love these.

The view on approach by boat.

One of the mere forty families that permanently inhabit the island. We met at least half of them.

It took us two hourse to completely circle the island.

We stumbled upon this incredibly rickety, dissolving, ad-hoc, thoroughly should-be-temporary jetty which led to an equally unreliable pontoon. But it was also all ours and beautiful and serene.

Swimming off of the afrementioned pontoon. Moments before three ugly, fat, incredibly French old white men decided that the space was not, in fact, taken and that swimming here rather than ANYWHERE else was a good idea. They squealed when seaweed brushed on their legs, all wore speedos and if you though I was pale? - I was blinded when I acidentally glanced their way and they stepped out of the shadows. Also they were perves. But not as bad as the actual Cambodian local who picked up his axe before taking a photo of me on his camera phone.

The local life.

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