Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pnom Penh and Postcards

I just polished off a second Mojito beside the pool at The 252 in Pnom Penh. The evening is warm, the music is tasteful, and a cold shower forced upon me a surreal sense of refreshment. I can hear our dinner cooking and the handsome barman flexes his biceps whilst polishing already shiny glasses. His shirt could not possibly be too tight.

Even if you gave me a whiteboard and brainstorm time, I don't think I could find anything to complain about.

The story of today was just a big long bus trip, and so I thought I would share the following with you:

I just finished 29 postcards to Australia. A trip to a stationary store whilst drunk last night meant that I woke up with four paint pens and some sharpies, so I took it as a sign and got to work.

Dear friends, I hope these find you dry and well.

1 comment:

  1. Love this image. Can't wait for my card. Trying to work out which it will be . . . 252 sounds great. I am waiting for pics xxx


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