Sunday, January 9, 2011

Butterflies, Zombies and Frozen Yoghurt

We found a gem of a restaurant in Siem Reap called the Butterfly Garden. This is a cool haven where you can recline on day beds with $2 cocktails that come in coconuts and eat cheesecake. I think perhaps I will buy this place one day.

It's a socially conscious restaurant that hires Cambodian youth and the majority of profits stay within the city. The staff are gorgeous, and you can't beat a butterfly landing on you when you are drunk.

To show them how much we appreciated their service one night, we returned wearing matching butterfly sack-like dresses which we bought at the markets for $5. They were astounded, and so was the population of Siem Reap as we walked through the streets dressed like this:

Project Runway aint got nothin on dese bitchez
The staff gave us extra strong drinks out of respect (read: amusement) and graciously indulged our self-appreciation by taking the following wicked (read: puzzling) picture:

As if the evening couldn't get any better, on the way home we got frozen yoghurt in the mall and played arcade games on the top storey with all the teens.

We gathered quite an audience, with at least ten or fifteen local kids and parents watching us play Left 4 Dead. We held the guns with pride, shooting our way through labratories filled with rotting zombies, and I squealed when we reached the big bosses. They were laughing  with (read: at) us, and we played up a sweat in our sacks for a good half hour of shooting for about five bucks. The frozen yoghurt was also very very good. It made me do a frozen yoghurt dance. Sadly, I do not have a frozen yoghurt gif. I'll do it in the next place I have frozen yoghurt. I promise.

So just for future reference, I am really good at first-person-shooter arcade games, and possible killing zombies in real life too. Peace out.


  1. How on earth did you convince Liz to wear this??? Sad to say, but it kinda looks good?!!


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