Sunday, January 9, 2011


Ok, today was great fun, don't get me wrong. But there is a bittersweet taste in my mouth as I write this that isn't coming from my Tiger beer (which is actually bitter and sweet).

Today I tried my hand at some pottery classes, presuming I would naturally be a pottery star. I am not a natural pottery star. No chance.

In my usual independant (read: arrogant) manner, I refused instruction, insisting I wanted a more 'natural' look to my creation. I was met with a dissatisfied look from the instructor and I clucked my tongue at him for doubting me. Little did I know. Little indeed.

I said "natural".
He thought "douche".

Who was right? You be the judge:

I'm not going to put a picture of the finished product on here, because its for my mum and she reads this blog.
Safe to say, it is a creation (much like many of us) that only a mother could truly love. 

I'll try and get back into it when I get home though, if only so that I can communicate with my dead lover who dances really well. Ha ha. Ha.

Kidding. I think you need mad pottery skills and a pixie cut to be a medium. Neither of which I have.

These photos courtesy of Liz Talbot


  1. OH! Be still my excited heart. I am full of excitment, waiting to see the finished product. Yes, Made with LOVE, is what Mothers want. I can see there is a lot of LOVe and not too much skill here. Do you know there is a pottery wheel at the Roo?? No excuse, great things are expected of you, when you return. xxx

  2. bahahaha couldnt be any worse than my epic fail at spinning... needless to say that my effort never saw that kiln shelf! you are a brave woman for gifting it..


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