Friday, May 18, 2012

She Stole My Every Rock and Roll - another sneaky Anywhere Festival Review

Okay, I don't have long to type right now, but I just wanted to mention that I saw "She Stole My Every Rock and Roll" last night at the Jet Black Cat music shop in West End, and it was SO DAMN GOOD. 

I'd never been to a real spoken word performance before, and this totally just blew me out of the water. So emotive and so powerful and so impressive! I can't believe people can do that with words. I'm serious, it's like, all of their lines were totallly understandable but just had SO MUCH MORE meaning than normal sentences. All of the beats and the rhythm was so great too - the interplay between the actual words and the way they were spoken. 

Also, again, the relationship between the content and the location was FANTASTIC - the Anywhere Festival must be damn proud of itself if the quality of the two shows I have seen is anything to go by. 

Both pics from their website.
The two super talented ladies (Betsy Turcot and Eleanor Jackson) (left) are performing this again tonight and maybe even tomorrow night? PLEASE go see it if you have even the slightest interest in the way remarkable human beings use words. The zine of the performance is sitting here on my desk and I've already re-read through half of it. Even on the page it's moving. 

I have to mention too, that it's a love story (but so much more than that) between two women, and I'm not gay, but I was totally engrossed. I'm going to be honest and embaress myself here and say that prior to last night I didn't give a lot of thought to queer film because I presumed I wouldn't be totally engaged. And so now I realise what a STUPID FUCK I was to think that and I feel like my universe of potential interests just exploded. I mean the sexy parts were SO SEXY. I feel like anyone who saw She Stole My Every Rock and Roll who was actually interested in women must have just creamed. Yes. Ijustsaidthat/seriously/sorrymum.

And I'm doing more exciting things this weekend so stay tuned.

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