Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Rocklea Sunday Markets

I went to the Rocklea Sunday Markets a little while ago, and I found the mixed bag of vendors and attendees to be quite entertaining, so I've put together a humble collection of what I saw. 

Also, evidently, a lot of beautiful flowers. I shan't apologise. 

This dude was a sudoku fiend. I have a sneaking suspicion he dons a red suit for
kids come December, I mean, that beard needs to be put to use!
Then again, he also had some badass tatts...

So yeah, never underestimate your local flea markets as a source for portraiture practice. There are also Saturday morning and Wednesday night farmers' markets with tons of wonderful fresh produce - and a lovely flower/florist market across the road too. I'll say it again - I love Brisbane. 

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