Thursday, May 10, 2012

a cool person bought my work! (at Lust for Life)

Well well well, I bark at you now as a very happy little dog. As you know (read: as I informed you earlier) my work was showing at Lust for Life's 'Viva La Femme' exhibit. I don't know where that dog thing came from just forget about it. But don't forget this: a cool person paid money for something I created.

I've only been back for a couple of months, but even so, this was the first time I'd ever (read: as in, my whole life) shown my work to a professional standard in a for-fucking-real setting. The exhibition opening night was a fantastic evening, and I got super drunk because I was so damn nervous. Seriously, the calibre of work on show was simultaneously awe-inspiring and terrifying. My favourite work was that of Symone Male and although Sarah Hickey was one of the big-name drawcards of the evening, all of my friends were drooling over Emily Devers' work. It was withoutadoubt exemplary. Go check her out. 

So now to the crucial information: the person who actually worked to earn money which they then spent on something that came from me. I was lucky enough (read: as soon as the red dot went up I madly dashed to the curator begging to be introduced to my patron) to meet this wonderful woman who, as it turned out, I have a shitload in common with. It was almost insane - the level of detail of similarity in our lives. To the point where we both eat from a Chairman Mao dinner plate. HOW INSANE IS THAT!?!!? SHAZAM. Her name is Eleanor and she does so many awesome things in Brisbane, please have a poke around her site. You won't regret it.
My friend Dan and I at opening night.
Also, I just want to say here that this really is a big deal for me. Regardless of the fact that four differet people (including the purchaser) told me my work was underpriced, it is a very profound thing to suddenly realise that other people might really truly actually value what you do. And value it enough to spend their hard-earned money on it. I never imagined my photograph would sell, and in fact I already have the screw in the wall where I was going to hang the piece upon its return home. (I'm looking at the empty spot now and it's the epitome of bittersweet.) I digress. I just want to really clarify, that I don't think I will ever forget this landmark. It's experienced by all artists and writers and creative others, and it is just so fucking validating. The honour of being included in this exhibition was enough of an ego-boost, but selling my work has kicked me into overdrive. I have such vigour and such new thirst to be super-saiyan levels of productive. Like I'm on speed or something. Like I'm on Crash Team Racing and I just drove over one of those lit-up arrow panels that give you a shitcrazy boost. Just like that.
So we had a brilliant evening and finished at The Brunswick Social for Mint Juleps and dumplings!

Oh - and the exhibition will be up on the walls and showing for about 2 more weeks, so head on into Fortitude Valley and support locals artists.

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