Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Balance Minimus Shoes - i swear on my life this isn't a paid promotion. are you kidding i wish.

New Balance 00 - WR00SP - Women's Minimus Road ShoesI have a friend who is training for a half marathon. It's inspirational. She lives in Finland, too, so sometimes (read: often) she has to run through crazy-deep-snow to train. That's probably not that impressive to my Russian readers, but to us Brisbane kids, that's fucking insane.

I've always been a runner - but only, like 10km. Half marathons are 21km. Which is double what I can run when I'm fit. Which is half of what a real fucking marathon even is. What a KOOKY world we live in.

So anyways, that's what I was thinking about that when I bought these shoes.

And then yesterday I went to see The Avengers and decided I wanted to get super-duper fit like Black Widow, because lord knows I can't get super smart like Tony Stark or super green and monstrous like The Incredible Hulk or be from a different planet that likes hammers like Thor or learn how to shoot arrows like Hawk Eye or become the Captain of America.

And lord knows I love comic books being turned into movies. It's just about my favourite kind of movie. The Avengers was also made by Joss Whedon, and lord knows he's just about my favourite creator of just about anything.

I digress.

I was talking about running. And now I'm talking about 'barefoot running' and how just yesterday I saw a young man who wasn't wearing shoes step on broken glass and how I don't like feet, let alone dirty feet, and so I'm never actually going to run barefoot. I also don't like those shoes that look like gloves with little toes and everything. Call me old-fashioned, but I just like the idea of normal shoes and socks. Fuck I love socks. They keep your feet so nice and they keep everything clean and they're soft and comfortable.

These New Balance Minimus shoes are a good compromise (I hope/think/pray because fuck they were expensive). The soles are made by those Vibram people who do the wierd foot-glove shoes, and they're all thin and flexy and superfine. Most people have Nike Free's, and normally I like Nike shoes to run in, but I've hear so much shit about the Frees I didn't want to risk paying this big-ass pile of money on them.

Ummm so now I don't really know where I was going with this post. My apologies.


  1. So are they good to run with? Have you tried yet? More information! I was suppose to buy new shoes for the competition but now I'm too broke to do it. Haha, so I will stick to the old ones and try to make them forget that I was going to abandon them in the first place.

    P.S. This is how kooky world we actually live: According to the rumors your Finnish friend is, in fact, running a whole fucking marathon. 42,195 kilometers.


      HOW DO YOU EVEN EXIST!!?? How could your body possibly do that? You're like, a god or something. It's fantastic. I'm so proud of you.

      Oh - and the shoes are excellent. They make running SO tiring, each step needs to be controlled and precise and I'm working muscles I've never even felt before. You can't just let your foot drop back down to the ground, and you feel everything under foot. It's pretty incredible. But you do have to start from the beginning again - you know, like, 15 minutes running then later building it up slowly. It's pretty frustrating. But worth it.

      Talk soon. xoxo

    2. Haha! Today I ran the longest run so far (ever): 30km! Shit. Well, I think physically I can do it but mentally I'm pretty scared sometimes. Let's see.. I have 6 hours time to complete (after that they'll close the Finish line) so I'm all happy and more if I get to there. 30km took 3,5 hours today.

      The shoes sound really good. It sounds like you're going to develop to be a really good runner. I think it's great that you're forced to run only small distances for now, that way you also build up your basic stamina in an ideal way. The running community is definitely going towards the bare foot idea. I think somewhere in between is the good spot to be. And run.

      Talk to you soon, you professional artist.

    3. Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. I know what you mean about being mentally scared. It's like what Murakami talks about when you kind of just come out the other side and you've gained something but you've also lost the feeling for it. Your times sound really good though. If you keep up that pace then you'll be more than fine. You have't had any problems?

      Yeah, the sure are going SO well. I can actually feel so accurately the moment when I have to stop running, but slowly that moment just gets further and further away. It's good.

      Talk soon, you fine specimen of our species.

  2. Hey sweetie! Hope you`ll visit my blog and maybe...we can follow each other?:X


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