Monday, May 7, 2012

the alleyway project - winn lane next Tuesday night - Brisbane's 'Anywhere Festival'

Alright people of my fair city, this is a brief post to let you know that I've been asked to attend and review a super intruiging piece of theatre next Tuesday night as part of Brisbane's 'Anywhere Festival' - the basic concept of which is that the performance in question has to be anywhere apart from in a theatre. (Hence the use of the adjective "intruiging".) Check out their website for all kinds of kooky performance locations. I think I love this festival most of all because it's gonna make such good use of the city and its surrounds. I know that sounds a bit nanna of me, but seriously, I think I even heard one of the performances is going to be near a riverbed! How fresh is that!?!?! (I meant 'fresh' as in 'prince of Bel-Air' as well as in physically 'in-the-wild-kind-of' fresh.) As far as I know, Brisbane is the first place in the world to host a festival of this nature. Damn, we're cool. Go us. 

The particular show I've been asked to review is going to be in the oh-so-hip Winn Lane in Fortitude Valley, and it is aptly titled 'The Alleyway Project'. 
The team of crazy kids putting this one together is rather impressive and if you have the time, pop on over to their pop-up blog and have a browse. If you can't be fucked clicking your pointer on that link you lazy-ass, here are the details:

"Set in the heart of Fortitude Valley, four playwrights turn a dirty alleyway into the legends of nights out – where drunken youth roam free and the pavement becomes a stained and silent tapestry of history."

The Alleyway Theatre Project invites you to grab a milk crate and squeeze right up next to the stories of the Valley’s night animals.

This pop-up theatre can be glimpsed for two nights only and is filled with your favourite actors from Brisbane.

NB. Ticket price includes a drink on entry!

Playwrights: Dan Evans, Eloise Maree, Dan Maloney and Maxine Mellor
Director: Kat Henry
DATES: Mon 14th & Tues 15th @ 7:00pm ONLY
TICKETS: $20/$18
PLACE: Winn Lane, Fortitude Valley, 4005

Apparently tickets for the two evenings above are already sold out (read: ITS GOING TO BE AWESOME) but a third performance is certainly rumored - so keep your wiskers horizontal! (It's a cat thing, they started it on their blog then I got carried away thinking of cat puns. And now I'm rambling.) 
So yeah, stay tuned and try to make it to a riverbed before we talk next!!! Also, there is something here about free food. Yeah that's what I said - FREE FOOD.
You can thank me when we see each other there. 

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