Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Whisky Diaries - day 4

Today I stumbled upon a rather problematic, and frankly troubling, idea.

Phuong and I were on the long but oh-so-lovely walk back to the bungalows when we decided to stop for an icecream. There was a simple choice between Magnums or Cornettos, and although I would always choose Magnum were I alone, Phuongs Cornetto choice swayed me and so I also bought one. This is where the problems began. Phuong had purchased a vanilla one, and I the chocolate. I sked her how she could possibly make such a horrendous mistake and she responded by saying that when given the choice of either chocolate-on-chocolate or original/plain/vanilla-on-chocolate, that she would always choose the latter.

Now, in the case of cookies and biscuits I am in total agreement. A chocolate chip cookie is almost always better than its overt counterpart - the double choc chip cookie. But is it possible that this paradigm also extends to icecreams? I was shaken. Had I been making the infantile choice that more chocolate must equal better, and thus preventing myself from enjoying a higher plane of icecream enjoyment?

Needless to say, I am deeply troubled by this latest development.

What I'm definitely NOT troubled by, however, is how fucking awesome the fourth and fifth Star Wars are. I must admit I didn't accurately remember them since first seeing them in my distant youth, and I was genuinely under the impression that I preferred the new three movies compared to the old three. Yeah, I know, it's embarrassing. Clearly I have now recognised the error of my ways, and hereby swear that if I ever get a dog that is remotely shaggy, I will name it 'Chewy'. We will finish the last of the six movies tomorrow and I think I'll write about them all shortly after that.

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  1. I totally stand with Phuong. I think chocolate just needs to have a balancing thing to go with. It's like quitar, it's quite essential in music and basically the more the merrier but if you overdo quitar in a band everything ends up being dusty and too full.


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