Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Whisky Diaries - day 2

Our morning began with an hour long walk along the island's roads, and then a twenty minute swim in the most beautiful section of ocean we could find. We ambled back to the bungalows for a light breakfast then went up to our balcony and read and napped and chatted until a delicious dinner and the second Star Wars movie. And now I'm in bed. Looking out of my open windows, through the palm fronds, and up into the starry sky. 

I've been working on a submission for Stilts and Phuong has been recording her recent trip to Europe. We've also been discussing the nature of feminist criticism in super-pop culture and the effect appearance and presentation have on someone's ideas being taken seriously. Late last night we talked about what a lot of our old highschool class mates were doing now, which isn't something I often think about but turns out to be incredibly interesting and an excellent way to measure your own relative "success". We also worked our way through the difficulties young people (not me personally, THANK GOD) face when raised by really conservative parents. I reminded Phuong about how Stephen Fry used to do cocaine to increase his enjoyment of crosswords, and she informed me about what people actually define as a "hipster" these days - dispelling my concerns that I might be labelled one on my return. 

It was an excellent day.

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