Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Whisky Diaries - day 11

Okay my apologies about the absence yesterday. I have an excellent reason. Not quite as good as the gigantic snake one, but almost. Here it goes: I ate a whole pizza then we watched the third Aliens movie and fell asleep.

I know! Good excuse, right!

So here's what I wanted to talk about yesterday:
It's our little collection of things! You know, when you're staying by the beach for a long time and you just kind of pick little interesting things up as you see them and then put them on the table on your balcony. Well this is our motley collection so far. There are shells and coral and a big seed thing that fell down in front of us one day, and my personal favourite:

Doesn't it look like a small bone! Like the femur of a child or something. I saw it yesterday while I was running along the beach at dawn and it really struck me. It seems to be some kind of plant matter, but for the rest of the run I couldn't stop thinking about how little we know about the ocean. The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle explores this idea a bit too, maybe that's what got me thinking about it. Anyways, I was thinking about how maybe all these things that wash up on the beach are actually the remains of a gigantic civilisation living deep underwater - and they know as little about us as we do about them. And when they get rubbish landing in their cities they all just think it's some kind of baffling but natural bi-product of the strange things that happen up on land. And like we don't realise these shells and coral and unidentifiable things are actually parts of them and their life, they also don't realise that about the tons of crap that humans put into the ocean. 

Yeah it sounds crazy, I suppose. But humans know more about space than we do about the depths of the sea. They even reckon maybe there really is a gigantic squid/monster thing down there too. Who's to say this isn't the bone of some kind of sea creature? Not me. 

This is my other favourite:

I think if I could get a close/better photo you might be more impressed, but essentially it's just this piece of coral kind of stuff that gives you creepy prickles on the back of your neck when you look at it for too long. It has the appearance of minuscule honeycomb kind of holes in it and then lots of strangely perfect round holes that do and don't go all the way through it. I'm serious when I say it's creepy. Seriously. It really irks me so I never look at it for too long.

And that's all! The pizza was SO TOTALLY ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and later I'll tell you all about the Aliens quadrilogy. This is embarrassing, but for some reason I thought it was a trilogy? But now I see there are four, and it's just because I missed seeing one of them when I was younger that I thought there were only three... The third one that we saw last night was totally new to me. Anyways, more about that later. I'm going to have some jam on toast for breakfast!

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