Thursday, November 17, 2011

Where Have I been?

Okay, November is well and truly here. Actually it's closer to being finished than it is to starting. That leaves me with December and a wee little bit of January....

Then I start the journey home. 

This realisation has been anything from sudden, but I think that the arrival of December is, in a way, extremely sudden indeed, and it is spurring within me many thoughts and reflections about this year.

For starters - where the hell have I been?

Alright. Looking at this map brings me some peace of mind that I at least didn't totally waste my time. I'm pretty proud of it really. I feel confident that even if I never return to China again, I have seen it. Truly.

Other, less topographical questions are more complex. How close am I to really understanding this culture? Am I even remotely close to being fluent in Mandarin? What has this year taught me? Is the debt accumulation worth it? Who am I?

I'm gonna try and answer these - and I guess I'd better do it soon.

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