Saturday, November 26, 2011

Melancholy Autumn Dawn

I was in a very reflective mood after having stayed up all night this Wednesday passed. At about four thirty in the morning on the Friday, I saw the sun beginning to come up over the buildings outside my window, and decided to go out. I threw on my coat and a scarf and boots, and took a couple of hours around campus.

It was beautiful, and breathtaking because it was so fucking cold. I thought the tip of my nose might be lost forever. All of us early/laters had such vivid steam rising from our exhaling mouths, like eager little ghosts running from our bodies into the air. As if we were speaking to each other as we passed, our strangely visible breaths communicating silently.

The trees are still undressing themselves at the moment, not totally naked until mid-December. It's beautiful to look up through their scratchy branches and see some remaining stars.


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