Thursday, December 8, 2011

to do #2 done.

Ahhhh so although I didn't get it done "before I go to bed" I did eventually get it done. Well, sort of. I didn't get a chapter or scene written specifically... I kind of just planned out the whole thing. But that's okay, right? I mean, that is an acceptable level of productivity? I think it's almost okay. Almost.

This is what an 'almost okay' level of productivity looks like:

It seems a lot more impressive here on my desk in front of me. Maybe you'd be more impressed if you could feel the sheets here like I can? See all the blood stains on the pages from the paper cuts I've suffered through. See the empty ink cartridges from my fountain pens like corpses in my bin. It's all just too hard, isn't it?

I dunno. I've been watching a lot of Supernatural and hearing about friends being successful. I've been meeting people from strange countries (eg. Romania) who speak to me for hours (literally several hours) about things that I didn't know I didn't know. It all makes me sit down and really wonder what I've done with my life since I got out of school three years ago, then remembering that I've been GOING AROUND THE WORLD DOING BADASS SHIT.

Playing some Kansas helps, I guess. You know, you feel down then listen to some classic American rock until you remember what a hardcore motherfucker you are.

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