Friday, June 17, 2011

Welcome to milk.

I first introduced my wonderful tutoring family in this post, but I forgot to mention what I learned about the amazing milk service here in Shanghai. Peng and his family get milk delivered, by a milkman, every day of the week.

Yes perhaps you might be thinking -
      'Bri, why are you telling me about milk?'

To which I reply - 
      'Dude, if you could just taste this stuff you would understand. It's how milk used to be. It's how milk should be. It's everything you could ever dream milk to be.' 

And then you say - 
      'I don't believe it!'

And I interject with -
       'You'd better believe it, man! This is the real deal.'

You're really excited now, naturally. - 
       'Tell me more! How can it be that good?!?!!'

I oblige with an informative answer - 
      'Well my dear milk friends, this milk is not pasteurised nor is it homogenised. It is not sweetened, nor skimmed of its fats. It is delivered daily, to a little lockable tin box in your apartment (see above photo) and for less one Australian dollar, you have yourself a cool, creamy beverage.'

But let's get serious. This is actually the best milk I have ever tasted in my life, and I'm a real milk kid. I've tried them all. This milk tastes more like cream than drinking milk. It has a slightly thicker consistency than normal milk, but doesn't leave a thick residue in the mouth. (It does, however, provide an appreciater with a satisfying and mildly humorous milk moustache - a technique at which I am proficient.)

I can almost taste the cow's teet with every gulp.

Ok. Too far? Clearly you don't love or understand milk the way I do. 

Not too far? Clearly you are the kind of milk connoisseur I want in my life. Please email me.

I digress. I just want you to know that despite all the milk-related scandal in China as of late, some of them still really do understand and appreciate the more natural way of life. It's about quality not quantity.
And it's delicious.

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  1. so badly want to taste this milk now! been practically living on milo and cookies during exam block! that stuff looks delicious!


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