Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Roll 8

I think this might actually be my favourite roll out of the nine. All but the last two were simply taken from around Fudan one day in the winter. I remember feeling so enchanted by the cold, and I was only just becoming comfortable around campus. Things were still fresh to my eyes, and I felt nervous for what lay ahead of me.

The trees had no leaves, the people are all rugged up tight, and the skies were grey. I was melancholy for sure, but only so much so that I became thoughtful. Not too negative. There is a certain silence that comes with a true winter that I think Australia perhaps misses out on. People naturally become more introverted and so more self-reflective.

It is an interesting time, and interesting times always make for interesting photos.

1 comment:

  1. agree! this is simply beautiful brianna! and it does make me think that we miss out on true winter beauty! aaah but i love the sun <3


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