Friday, May 27, 2011

Welcome to ...

I have really recieved a lot of questions about my day-to-day life in China.

When I began this blog I was determined to leave out the small happenings of my general life, out of fear of appearing too self-important and douchy. I have only reported on the big adventures and actual travellings. (I  would like to be able to think that I write about my experiences, as oppose to myself.)                                                                                  

I am beginning to realise, however, that there is a reason people keep asking me about the 'daily grind' here. There are so many things that happen and that happen to me on such a regular basis that might not occur anywhere else in the world. They have become ordinary occurrences for me now, but I can remember they seemed so foreign when I first arrived. Perhaps people want to know about these as well? I'm also keenly aware that I only have a month left where I am now, and I want to document this place for my own memories and records.

On that note, I decided to begin a 'Welcome to ..." mini-series of posts that give some insight into my life here. Life in its normal form, in Shanghai, as a student at college, studying at Fudan University. It will be mostly images, with a few captions. I want to be able to see these things in a few years time. I also want you to see what I see.
If this doesn't appeal to you, you can skip the posts altogether by seeing the 'Welcome to' topic. I hope this disclaimer means you all still think I'm an adventuring badass. I'm presuming that people who think I'm not an adventuring badass would have no interest in this blog whatsoever, seeing as it is mostly comprised of my badass adventures.

So here is what badasses do Mon-Fri.

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