Monday, May 23, 2011

Chongming Isl.

Today I went to Chongming Island and all I got was this yo-yo.

So actually the trip out was worth it.

The island was pretty much built for the expo and is advertised as an eco-island perfect for tourists. There weren't supposed to be many cars or big buildings and cycling around the natural areas is supposed to be a highlight. This is all a big lie. Chongming looks exactly like the rest of China: 

It takes a long time to get there and isn't cheap, so here's a tip, DON'T GO.

So we left early and went to Helen's instead - the local pub where all the Fudan university students go. They do cheap drinks and reasonable food. Its popularity is not a mystery. The writings on the walls and ceiling are also particularly amusing...

Yeah baby, thatth id. Righd there. Very nithe...

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