Friday, May 27, 2011

Welcome to Fudan Campus

The campus of my university here is really quite beautiful. Thanks to the multitude of trees and grassy areas it's actually nice to jog around. These pictures are from my jogging route and my path to class.

So many perfect little pot flowers everywhere!
It's beautiful, but clearly needs a lot of maintenance.

Every campus has a statue of Mao Zedong. We refer to him as "Big Mao".
Mao's pose is reflective of the educational institution, because the 'best'
kind of Mao, is the one where his hand is outstretched into a long salute. However,
this can only be achieved with engineers. Thus, if the university has a saluting Mao,
it has a higher status because it has good engineers. Fudan Mao is not saluting...

I love the constant reminders that I am in China.
This man could wear any hat, but he chose this one. Champion.
Also, check out his wagon!

These are the dormitories where the international students (me) live.
They are small and crumbling and cold, but we are all together.
We have special guards at our gate checking student cards,
but often at night they fall asleep and we run past, giggling.

At the bottom of the apartment buildings on the left of the picture above,
there are small basements. I went down once, they are really quite frightening.
They all connect to each other in this big underground labyrinth...
Occasionally, though, the staff get together for lunch down there.
You can hear their babbling and laughing from a mile away. It's lovely.

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