Friday, April 22, 2011

Leshan Lelovely

Leshan was such a lovely place. I don't have any funny anecdotes or shocking facts - it was just wonderful. Renewed my faith in the countryside. Not that I ever lost it.

This is the main street. Isn't it just swell? You can tell by the way these people hold their hands, that they are swell people.

The local rickshaw drivers take a well-deserved break to play some majong. Don't let this photo fool you though, it was a ruckus! A friendly ruckus, that is.

The architecture all over China is amazing, but in small old towns like Leshan there are breathtaking originals often sitting empty. I am bursting with ideas for the potential of these buildings. Wonderful yet frustrating.

As if views like this still exist!! Look at that bridge!!!

I thought things couldn't get any better, and then we met a young girl who let us play with her pet bunnies. It's so cliche it hurts.
(but in a nice way)

They still know how to work hard, and they eat what they grow.

Fresh banana buns finished the day quite nicely, thankyouverymuch. Quite nicely indeed.


  1. Bloody terrific bridge!

  2. i know!!!!

    i honestly couldn't believe it was just sitting there. you can walk all the way over it and into some lovely quiet forest. its not even advertised, we just stumbled onto it.



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