Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hua Shan

 Hua Shan itself is breathtakingly, achingly beautiful. As I mentioned before, it is incredibly dangerous, but hundred of tourists still flock to its peaks for a glimpse of the heavens. Let me tell you - the heavens is exactly what they get.

To be honest, the cable-car ride to the half way point was scarier than any of the actual climbs...

The rock formations are incredibly surreal.

You can see the frozen waterfall in the background to the left. Incredible!

Being there in person makes you realise that the postcards aren't actually photshopped. It is truly like this.

Just beginning to blossom.

Trippin' all o'er Chinatown togeva fo'eva.

Just to prove I reached the highest peak.
In ghetto style?

At some points the mist is so thick that visibility drops to about 10 metres.
Thats fine on a safe path like this, but on the steep and dangerous parts
its easy to see why so many people die here every year.

This morning the wind was so strong and cold that the icicles froze sideways!

The sun finally came out, but the temperature was no way near close enough for the ice to begin melting.

We don't know how that guy got there, but he sure was silly.

So glad we started early, this is what we saw the whole descent.

Those tiny little dots way up in the air are the cable cars.

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