Monday, March 28, 2011

Street Food

Right outside my university, every evening, ten different pairs of people set up mini kitchens and grace us with their deliciously mad cooking skillz.

There are stirfrys and dumplings and soups and skewers and wraps.

The food is cooked at such high temperatures that (especially if you don't eat the meat) there is little to no risk of getting sick.
I just finished my dinner, and the only reason I feel sick is because I had enough food for three men.

I still blame them, though, for their food is so damn tasty. They arrive at about 8pm and stay until midnight. The only real complaint we have is that they aren't there all the time. I could quite happily live on this. Especially when it costs less than 10RMB (about $2) for a gigantic meal...

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