Friday, March 11, 2011

hello and welcome to college life

Yesterday afternoon one of my dorm mates and I found this gigantic bear thrown away at the bottom of the stairs to our building. We have come to the conclusion that it must be the result of a failed relationship, and that the bear is now homeless due to a cruel act of revenge. The bear represented their love. It is lost forever. Thrown out of the building and out of her heart. It's fate is to walk alone.

Anyways, we found it and gave it a home in our dorm. Alas, some friends came over last night and in out hilarity we thought it would be funny to position the bear as shown, in front of a different dorm mate's door. I have been waiting all morning to hear the reaction. Then when I go out I will feign incredulation, hopefully fooling her into believing the bear is, in fact, posessed. I reckon I can do it.

Also, we are now looking for a name for the bear.


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