Sunday, February 13, 2011

Victims of Fashion

We all know about the crazy Japanese Harajuku girls who wear tripped out costumes, but I have just grown to love the everyday fashion that presents itself all over Asia. It appears that people just do what they want, which is something I very much admire. I would now like to showcase an example of the different fashions available in the wide Asia area:

Here is a perfect example of the pyjama look. Wear long top and bottom items in matching flannel prints is so chic right now. This look is nicely complemented by matching shades of thongs, brown towel bucket hats and bags of groceries from the market.

I like to call this one Pimpin' Gram. Because she is a grandma, and she rocks this look. From the bottom up, we begin with Nike vintage burgundy suede trainers, then to sky blue woolen sock with a nice cloud and love heart detail. Continuing on we are gifted with no-holds-barred leopard print spandex leggings. It doesn't get any more committed than this. Further up, there is a flash of a black under singlet before velvet edge detailing on the traditional style Chinese silk print jacket. To finish the look, add block white framed glasses and a beige corduroy hat. Epic.

This lady was catching a ferry. She is wearing a poncho with MnMs on it. Enough said.

I honestly have no idea why these people dress so crazily on such a mass scale. I certainly see crazy outfits for sale, but I don;t know what kind of demon goes around possessing people to buy them, let alone wear them. Must be a hoard of demons. A hoard of tasteless demons inflicting pain on their masses of fashion victims. I can see the headlines already.

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