Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Yesterday involved a visit to a small, yet renowned, restaurant called ‘Classified’. Classified is famous in Hong Kong primarily because of its cheeses and wines. Having been in Asia for a while now, I had been deprived of a good shave, hunk or bite of cheese for far too long, and we decided to drop in for a platter. 

Absolutely blown away is an understatement of how this place impressed me. We simply had a cheese platter with some olives and bread, but we enjoyed almost two hours there and my taste buds have not been the same since. I dare those of you who consider cheese merely as an addition to an already fine meal, to really go out and acquaint yourselves with the hefty mistress that it truly is. We went into the cold room to choose our cheeses and then they were weighed and brought to us. 5 different types, and five completely different explosions in my mouth soon followed. It was as if I was at a fancy gallery, and had just been introduced to five amazing new people. And they were introduced to me with an explanation as to their most virtuous characteristics. And they all wanted to be my friend. On a rustic wooden chopping board. With excellent beverages. Naked.
No longer do I think that Brie is one kind of cheese, and that Cheddar is another, as is Gouda. No, I could not have been more wrong. It is like saying all people from one country are the same – listen to me saying that! I am ignorant and embarrassing! No!!! I now understand why a cheese is worth its time waiting to vintage. I now understand why actually clever people enjoy it as much as they enjoy a good drop of wine. I now understand why this restaurant is so goddamn popular and expensive.

But you have to be careful. Jimi Hendrix did not understand the power of cheese. He died following an attempt to experiment with aerosol cheese. The Gods of taste recognised the sin of not appreciating cheese for the epic miracle that it is, and decided he could not be allowed to live. Make sure you do not meet this same fate!

Get into cheese!!!


  1. Is that what they call the good drop now. the liquid in the tall dark bottles . . .you know the ones behind you on the shelves . . .cheese???mmmmmmmmmmmm where are the pictures of the flowers . . I want to see flowers . . . .please x


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