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  1. Hi Brie
    oouaahh was hard to find your E.mail as I am not a blog person...I do like what your mother is doing ..everything looks so happy..
    My website had a break down it is fixed now ,and it is micheleartist.com..will be looking later on at the Logan Art gallery
    see you soon Michele

  2. Hi Brie!

    I found your blog via expat blog and I was wondering if you had a recommendation for a reasonably-priced hotel in the Beijing area? What's a good neighborhood to stay in?

    Is there anything you'd recommend we do while there? Besides the obvious...

    1. Hi Reannon,

      I didn't stay at a single hotel in Beijing - I stayed in a combination of hostels (some grubby and some lovely) and also a kind of guest-house arrangement. I can recommend Peking Garden Hostel, because they also have some lovely private rooms, and also a restaurant chain called Grandma's Kitchen have some great central accommodation now.

      In terms of neighbourhoods, you either want Chaoyang (which is the western/embassy district) or Dongcheng (because it's just right in the centre). Make sure you're not further out than the 3rd ring road, otherwise getting anywhere else in Beijing is annoying.

      In terms of what to do, it just depends what you're interested in. The Hutong does some wonderful cooking classes and market tours, and don't just go to the first part of the Great Wall you see advertised - Jinshanling is one of my favourite parts easily. For shopping, try and find the underground markets near the Beijing Zoo because the prices are reasonable and there's really no bartering required. Try and get to the gardens in Beijing too. There are tons of them around the place and they make for a lovely respite from the bustle. If you're interested in art, try and make it to Red Gate Gallery, because they always have interesting works on show.

      I hope you have a wonderful time! If you go to the 'My Adventures' page and scroll down you'll see all my posts about things I did in Beijing, and if you have any more specific questions feel free to ask!



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