Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Young Pioneer Magazine Launches Today!

Hello friends, I'm the creator and editor of a brand new online magazine that's all about extreme travel, and it just launched this evening. The idea was born by Gareth Johnson - the guy that took me on a tour of North Korea, and all of the content is seriously badass. I mean, I feel honoured that these people sent me their stuff, and I'm incredibly proud of how the whole thing has turned out for this first issue. There are some really poignant written pieces and also some breathtaking photography.

The Young Pioneer is an online magazine featuring the writing and photography of extreme travellers. Specialising in destinations that your mother would rather you stay away from, content is always well-informed, well-written, and badass. 

Anna Apuli, the genius behind my poiseonarrows header you can see right above here, designed the site from scratch so that it actually looks beautiful too.

Anyways, it would mean a lot to me if you guys would head on over and have a look at it - you know, just get a feel for the thing, see if it's 'up your alley' so to speak, at all.

The Facebook page for it is here.

The actual site is here.

This is the twitter.


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