Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Getting an educayshen.

I was recently accepted into a prestigious study group at UQ, which officially starts next semester. A small number of students and two academics come together and spend the greatest years (read: hours and hours) of their youth indoors in front of computer screens and books. The noble thing about it, is that the topics of research are human trafficking and migrant smuggling. The research we do is new and often taken quite seriously. The not-so-noble thing about it is that its so so very very cliquey and essentially validates all of my I-wasn't-popular-at-highschool insecurities. It's like The Slug Club, except in the TC Bierne Law School. But, I mean, everybody knows this place looks like Hogwarts anyways.

I digress.
I study Law/Arts (t)here and it's hell boring, but opportunities like this pop up every now and then to keep things spicy, I suppose. I mean, I'm memorising cases for contract law right now. Do I have deep-seated interest in contract law? No, not really. Again, I digress. So in this group, we research our chosen topic and each week one person presents a kind of lecture/progress-report of their research. We present fully-academic-style papers of approximately 9'000 words at the end of semester and if they're good enough and in a new enough field of inquiry, they get published in peer-reviewed law journals.

I'm brining this up as an excuse to why I haven't posted anything for ages and why I won't be posting for a few days to come - I'm in the lion's belly of a particularly gruesome exam block. Do you know anything about trusts and property law? Because I don't! It'll all be over by next Tuesday though, and things will get a whole lot better after that.

Anyways, my point is that I'll be starting the research for my topic: "Victims of Human Trafficking Turning Into Perpetrators" on the holidays and I'll be keeping you updated. Talk more soon.

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  1. Good choice with the topic, agh, they were all so interesting. I believe this Slug Club of yours is exactly a 'spice-up motive', broadening the usage of the concept.


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