Monday, April 2, 2012

Script Frenzy!

I’m a big stupidhead who has a squillion things to do and absolutely no free time but then also signed up to do this year’s Script Frenzy and so of course I’m really excited about it. My Finnish friend Hanna and I agreed to do it together, so I do feel somewhat compelled to make a ‘good and proper’ ‘go of it’. I swear, I am positive about this. No, really. I am.

Script Frenzy is organised by the same people who do NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month in November. I wrote a bit about it back in China.) and it works on the same principle – except with a script, instead of a novel. Obviously. There aren’t many rules, but the main one is that you have to totally start fresh, which means you’re not allowed to work on any drafts, which is perfect for me seeing as how OF COURSE I don’t have any half-written scripts lying around the place. Not like novels though, that’s another story. But anyways, if you go to their website they have a whole plethora of great writing resources for writers and it’s really inspiring and exciting.

(Good poster design indicates cool people
take part in this activity.)
So what’s my screenplay going to be about? Well, I don’t want to give away too much (read: I have no fucking clue how it ends), but it’s an idea I’ve been throwing around in this dustbowl brain of mine for some time now. A comedy, about a boy whose childhood illness renders him wholly responsible for keeping his crumbling family together – he’s a young man with a kook plan and it involves drugs and also some sex and maybe just a wee little bit of rock and roll.

I hope you’re interested. I’d love some encouragement. If you’re into this sort of thing, then you should also sign up! I think you still can… surely? Also, Celtx is the software I’ll be using, so I suppose I’ll let you know how that goes as well.

Also, I’m going to (try to) begin making that cabin thing I was talking about this Easter long weekend too. I have this grand idea that I might sit in it and write this script, but I anticipate that might be a gross overestimation of my structure-creating skills. I mean, no, technically I have never felled a tree before. Doesn’t mean I didn’t google “how to build a cabin”. In truth I just ended up at Cabin Porn. So then I ate some Mint Slice and looked at pretty cabins in Scandinavia for ages. Then I got really excited thinking that maybe one day MY cabin would be on there! Then I got real and got down and so just watched Hot Fuzz and at the WHOLE pack of Mint Slice. It was a good night in the end.

I wasn’t sure how to end this post then my dog barked and I looked up to see him and saw that yet again, something kook is occurring in my house. The first banana harvest from the banana palm! Is hanging from our staircase balustrade! 

Just another sunny day in Brisbane town. 

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