Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wallaby Vomit and New Cabin Ideas

I saw a wallaby vomit yesterday. IT WAS SO FUNNY. I know what you’re thinking and don’t get all high and mighty just hear me out.

My parent’s own some acreage out in Esk that overlooks the Wivenhoe damn and it’s a beautiful and soulful place that I try and get to each fortnight. We put dry feed pellets out for the wallabies and seeds for the birds, and when I woke up at dawn with my dad, we watched about a dozen wallabies and about thirty cockatoos, parrots and galahs come sweeping down to eat. It’s a beautiful sight, and it never ceases to provide me with excellent time for reflection. 

The funny thing occurred when one of the big male Wallabies had been steadily eating for about ten minutes, and keeping the younger ones away from the food because he’s a big dickhead. I named him ‘El-douchebag-orado’. I don’t really know where that name came from, but that’s his name. So, he’s head-down-tail-up munching away, and then all of a sudden he sits up straight and is dead still for a few seconds, then he just starts beating his stomach with his tiny little forearms and doing this kind of worm-slash-bodyroll move and his tail is flailing around and it kind of looks like he’s having a disco fit. Then he stops, he opens his mouth, and a sloppy moosh of half-digested food just pours limply out of his open jaws.


It’s easily the most absurd thing I’ve seen since getting back to Australia. I can’t believe I thought things in this country were relatively normal. And no, sorry, I don’t have a picture of it, because I was too in awe (read: laughing maniacally).

The other cool thing about this acreage (it’s name is The Rusty Roo) is that I’ve found a beautiful shady spot in amongst the deep bush where I’ve decided to build a small lean-to / shack / shed out of natural materials. I’m going to cabin porn for inspiration, but if anyone has any ideas I’d love to hear them. I’ll be starting work on the weekend of the 31st, and I’ll take some hipster / posey / rustic pictures. I’m very excited.

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  1. I didn't comment this because I assume you already know that I spilled coffee to my shirt when I read this.


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