Wednesday, October 19, 2011

a soft eulogy + people you'll never meet.

My laptop is in the middle of a lovely crash-and-burn process in which it ruins my life, and I only get a couple of minutes of internet time here and there. I realise only now, that this chunky machine I so often pay out, has found for itself a little comfy corner in my heart. To become emotionally attached to a non-sentient thing is, I'll admit, a little worrying, but this kid and me have shared some seriously wonderful memories.

I'm sitting here at 2:00am Jinan time, and a rooster is crowing and a car alarm is sounding and the occupant of the room next is obviously watching a comedic movie with headphones on because the only other explanation for sporadic laughter seemingly without cause is extreme maniacal insanity.

I digress. My point is, that Jinan is just one of the many kooky places this laptop has followed me to, and typing this makes me feel like I'm drafting a eulogy. In this, it's last few hours of life, I downloaded all of it's contents onto a portable harddrive (a process I shall metaphorically refer to as 'organ harvesting at time of death') and finally cleaned underneath the keyboard (and felt much like a mortician whilst doing so, although most actual bodies aren't covered in dried chocolate milk - I hope) and lastly, I write this one last post. This is the rose on the casket, people. Black cadillacs. Beautiful hats on crying ladies. Soft rain.

End scene.

In other news, here are is the first half of my favourite portraits from Kashgar that don't/won't fit into other posts!


  1. what's the chinese name for those bagel type of thing? I'll have to ask around for them when I go back! I really miss Chinese bread and 饼子,especially 山东煎饼!

  2. I totally know how you feel when it comes to laptop attachment. I am totally attached to mine. It seems a little pathetic but it's where we pour all our thoughts, curiosity, frustration, and boredom over years and years.. it's only natural to be attached I suppose. I'm surprised I haven't named mine. Good luck with all your files. Thanks for visiting Intimate Vignettes. :)

  3. Onwards and onto the next. The new one will be like an old companion within no time . . .as long as you take all the memories it contains with you.

  4. Oooh, these pictures are just amazing. I feel strongly they're very you, fast passing moments with a story. Usually accompanied with something silly but important as a sub meaning. Well good.


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