Thursday, September 29, 2011

A little introduction to Jinan

I haven't been out and around too much, but here's what I've seen so far.

Students on my beautiful new leafy campus. When the sun is shining it's like a big oasis.

This is the big church in the center of the city. I intend on going to a service one Sunday. I find it fascinating to see how the traditions change to envelop a different culutre. Chrisitanity in China is unlike Christianity anywhere else.

These ancient Chinese rock formations make up the large part of a prayer garden.

Good to know Jinan has it's fair share of delicious (and enthralling) street food.

I went to the town mosque as well, but it was being seriously restored/renovated. All of Jinan is like this, I am certain it's in the middle of a big boom. The inside of the mosque and it's gardens where nevertheless tranquil and beautiful. Also clearly unused.

A recently completed courtyard of the mosque.

I think some people live in some of the small quarters of the mosque grounds...

An idea of the older styles of building in Jinan.

Bicycles are really popular here too. Jinan, like Beijing and most of China, is also quite flat. I also want to illustrate the kind of stools I sit on when I eat street food. (See bottom left. And no, my bottom doesn't fit on it. And yes, my knees come up under my chin.)

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  1. What the what!? It looks so incredibly lovely! Like hutongs in Beijing but not exactly. And the sky is somewhat blue. I want especially read more about that church and those rock formations. Awesome stuff.


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