Tuesday, July 5, 2011

my ultra-conservative, homophobic, racist dictionary.

I’m in the middle of exams right now, and it turns the world sour. I am aware that not many people really like exams, but I can’t shake the feeling that perhaps I hate them a little more than most people do… I haven’t posted a lot because I have been studying, but I thought I would share some discoveries with you. 

I do not have an iphone (woe is me!) and so I forced to return to the ye olde, archaic fashion of using an actual translating dictionary for all of my work. It weighs about 2kgs and I lug it around to every class while the chic people just smoosh their fingers onto a thin glass surface and have their answers magically appear... I digress. 

My point is, I already hated my dictionary enough, and now since studying and using it so much for exams, I made three quite amusing discoveries. The following are three entries/translations from different parts of the book, exactly copied:

1.   爱情  -  Àiqíng:  love (between a man and woman)

2.  黑人  -  Hēirén:  Black people; Afro-American; a person who has no residence card

3.  房事  -  Fángshì:  sexual intercourse (between a married couple)

Hahahhahah... come on now.... whaaaaaaaat???? Let me tell you, good old 'google transalte' must seem almost "radical" in their notions compared to my might-as-well-be-the-pope's dictionary... Tell me I'm not overreacting, surely you also think this is a bit ridiculous...it almost makes me want to go through the whole damn thing and find all the ridiculous translations. 

Anyways, more exams tomorrow and then the last on Wednesday - then I'm getting drunk and packing up for some AWESOME plans... it gets better than this, I promise! Stay tuned.

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